Cruising LA with Rolls Royce


Last week we headed to LA to explore the city and work on our latest edition of our City Guide teaming up with Rolls Royce.

We met our lovely set of wheels at the airport.  She was a beautiful shade of grey with black and white interior, lamb skin rugs, suicide doors and went by the name of Ghost.


The car itself was large and powerful yet the quietest and smoothest ride I’ve ever ridden, a goal set by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce all the way back in the early 1900’s when they came together to create their first car, the Silver Ghost.


The Ghost has come a long way since then, heated and massaging seats, voice recognition radio and navigation, satellite radio, the most insane cameras to help you park with ease and my favorite feature,Teflon umbrella’s tucked into the doors that you can pop out if it starts to rain. Unfortunately/fortunately it doesn’t rain much in Southern California so we didn’t have an excuse to test them out but how thoughtful?

The Ghost and all Rolls Royce motorcars are still made in England and continue to live up to the words of it’s founder:

“Take the best that exists and make it better.  When it does not exist, design it.”


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.23.05 PM

Now on to our adventure!

We hit up a few of our old favorites but made sure to spend a ton of time exploring thanks to our comfortable ride.



Abbot Kinney for lunch at Gjelina and some shopping. After fueling up on some of the best burrata ever in life we walked it off with some shopping.  One of our favorite spots along this hipster haven was Princepessa, part vintage, part boho, 100% Venice beach babe heaven.

Downtown LA  for lunch at Bar Ama and dessert at Bottega Louie




Trail walks at Runyon and Griffith Park and vegan at Elf Cafe (thanks for the reco Samia!)




Driving up, down and all around in LA.

(we even ran into some of the Rolls family!)





Thanks to Rolls Royce for allowing us to ride in style by lending us the beautiful Ghost for the weekend!

Stay tuned for our full LA City Guide in the coming weeks!





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