Thursday Thought: Passion



Have you ever experienced sadness that was so intense that it lasted longer than just a few days? Or have you ever felt so hopeless, that you truly believed your life would never improve and that you were in a situation that you couldn’t control?

:: I have ::  

I’m quite sure that you or someone you know has too and I’m not talking about feeling miserable because a boy broke your heart or because your puppy is sick. I’m talking about the bored, empty feeling you experience knowing that you have to wake up every day to work in a career you hate. After reading up on a recent study LinkedIn conducted about dream jobs, it was reported that only 30 % of Canadians are currently working in their childhood dream career or one closely related to it. A total of 8,000 people were surveyed and when asked the most important characteristic of their dream job, the most commonly used answer wasn’t salary, it was the fulfillment in taking pleasure in what they do.

:: Fulfillment ::

Something I have chased for most of my life. In my late teens I realized that without passion, I lacked a sense of purpose and without purpose, I lacked any and all motivation to keep going. I hit rock bottom back in 2006 when my parents stuck me in a college program I hated, but they thought was perfect for me. The pressure I felt was unreal. Their standards were even more unrealistic. I was so depressed that I stayed in bed for days, shut myself off from everyone and had constant panic attacks because I was terrified about what my future would look like had I followed the path they wanted for me.

:: Brutal ::

I could barely get through each day and my mental/physical health deteriorated quickly. But then came a twist of fate; a moment when I finally saw the light. I knew I had a choice to make and if I was going to bounce back from this set back, it was ultimately up to me. With faith, hard work and help from a new support system, I made a wicked come back and years later went on to start my dream career as a journalist, motivational speaker and bestselling author. As for my parents? It took a while, but they eventually came around. But whether they are on board or not, it doesn’t matter because this is my life and my dreams are worth it. I don’t need to seek anyone’s approval and neither do you! Hey, listen, I have worked in a ton of crappy jobs in which some I lasted only two weeks and others I lasted two years. And with each one I’ve learned lessons that have brought me to where I am today. But some things just aren’t meant to last forever and a job you despise is one of them. You owe it to yourself to rise again and try again.



:: If you’re a big dreamer like me::

Then you understand that a lack of passion is fatal, especially when it comes to a lifelong career I don’t believe you should settle. My best advice is if you hate it, stop doing it. Like, immediately. Know what you want and commit to your goals because our lifetime is not a very long time and while we are alive, we should create our own path and write our own rules. Times have changed. You do not have to live life the way people have always told you to. You live in a world where you can be anything and everything that you want to be, so just be yourself.

:: Hold up ::

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, good for you. YOU have your dream job Pauleanna, but I can’t just up and leave mine because I have responsibilities!”

My answer to you is this: Stop making excuses and start making adjustments. Your attitude makes all the difference. If you are unhappy, if you hate the people you work with, if your ideas are not being heard and you’ve noticed your workload increasing, yet your pay hasn’t? Girlfriend, you are not tapping into your full potential, don’t just walk away from your job, run!

If you are considering jumping ship, then I am encouraging you to start thinking about a new direction because next week, I will share some tips about how to navigate your career transition successfully!

Definitely a lot to think about, but although life changes can seem very scary, they are well worth it.

Peace & Love,



For You