I always try to find the best deals on products and services I already use.  Whether it is on beauty, food, books or travel, a girl has got to save whenever it is possible.


When I heard about Flipit, a new website that collects coupons from different shops from all over the world, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

The concept is really simple and easy:  First, you create a profile which takes literally 30 seconds, then you add your favourite stores so that they can send you offers from your faves right to your inbox, obviously for me it was Starbucks (I think I should be a minority owner of my local franchise!)    and Forever 21 (love this store) and you shop & save away.


There’s a coupon for everyone on Flipit and what’s really fun is that the offers are not only limited to Canada but to shops all over the world. So if you’re looking to save for yourself or for a gift for a loved one, Flipit might just be the site you want to visit.

Happy saving & shopping!


Bisous, Winy



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