Travel Tuesday: Foodie Trips!

foodie trips

Last week I received the most magically delicious basket filled to the brim with all of my favorites.  Hello, cheese, wine, bread, macaron AND olive oil.  Yes.  Just yes. Clearly I was intrigued.  What was this mysterious bag of deliciousness all about?  A new restaurant or cafe? Nope.  It was a little package curated by the minds behind Foodie Trips to give a little taste of what they’re all about.

So now what’s Foodie Trips or a Foodie Trip?  And how do they know all about my weaknesses to carbohydrates in any shape or form?  Well, in short, they’re a Toronto based company that offers one of a kind culinary adventures around the world.  From learning how to make macaron in Paris to fishing for your dinner in the rivers of the Dolomite mountains in Italy, they’ve curated the most fabulous foodie adventures complete with a 24-hour concierge who accompanies your group to ensure an unforgettable experience.




Foodie Trips is a sister company to Le Dolci and if their trips are anything like the super fun macaron making class we took then they’ll be worth every penny.  We love the founding partner Lisa!  Remember the London travel guide she sent me?  She does not joke when it comes to good food and travel.

This year Foodie Trips will be heading to PEI with Chatelaine Magazine, Paris and Northern Italy.  To learn more click HERE!