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Investing scares me.  Well not so much scares me, but overwhelms me.  When I focus on the ticker tape that scrolls along the bottom of the screen on BNN my eyes quickly cross.  I have a Tax Free Savings Account, an RRSP and a few investment properties and that’s enough to keep me feeling comfortable and safe but since having a chance to sit in on a ‘Your Story, Your Future’ investment workshop created by TD I learned there’s so much more I, and the rest of the female population, can be doing to ensure a comfortable future.

Let’s start with the stats:


This stat really stood out for me.  Millions are a lot, billions, even more.  But trillion?  That’s a lot of dosh.  When discussing with the advisers and fellow bloggers we were all amazed at the potential power we as woman could wield if we took more control of our finances.  Many of the woman at the event ran their own businesses but when it came to household finances their husbands were in control leaving, them somewhat in the dark.

Which makes this next stat even more alarming:

ninety-percent Which made me think.  Regardless of the fact that investing intimidates me, it’s pretty irresponsible of me to not make learning more about it a priority.  The good news is, as women, we really do run a lot of things.


We’re paving the way for future generations of women to have even more confidence in taking control of their lives and ditching the idea of holding out for a fairytale but rather writing our own collective narrative that includes financial independence or at least a strong grasp of our financial future.

In the workshop we were encouraged to write down actual tangible financial goals and I found even that small task rather transcendent – seriously.  I know it sounds dramatic, but to be honest I had never thought of doing a financial ‘vision board’ because I was always taught that money shouldn’t be the goal or part of any real discussion.  Talking about money is ‘tacky’.  But knowing that there’s a real chance (90% to be exact) that I will be solely responsible for the finances of my family was a wake up call of the best kind.  I now plan to not only get a financial adviser but also make more goals to help me stay on top of my finances and maybe make me a little more market savvy.

The workshop I sat through was created by TD to break down the stigma that surrounds finance and women.  The workshops are casual, friendly, welcoming, full of awesome information and honest.  They can be put together for any group of women; yourself and a few friends, family members or maybe just you and your business partner, but let me tell you, they’re worth it.

For more info or to make an appointment email Vanessa Larocci here: vanessa.larocci@td.com

Maybe we’ll put together a little workshop night.  If any of you ladies are interested let us know in a comment or via email info@cocoandcowe.com 😉




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