Beach Reads ’14

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Who doesn’t love a good book and some beautiful beach?  Ikea had it right when they set up a library on Bondi beach a few years ago in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Billy bookcase.  What a great idea?  Too bad it wasn’t permanent…

Since it’s officially summer I wanted to nail down a good list of books to get through.  Some I’ve already read, some I want to read and some are recommendations from the most voracious reader I know – my mum – her recommendations never disappoint. Plus one good one from Winy…



A book about love, race, identity, coming of age – a book about life and all of it’s little inconsistencies and imperfections. I’ve never read a book like it and was spellbound from chapter one.  Honest and eyeopening. – Coco  (thanks for the reco Max!  So good.)

The Phantom Of Fifth Avenue:

This book just goes to prove that fact is stranger than fiction. It is the story of the life of Huguette Clark who died at the age of 104 leaving a $300 Million fortune. I found the story spellbinding and quite sad at the same time. – Mum

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, Courtney Maum:

A French lawyer discovers her husband, a painter, is cheating. She kicks him out (how un-French) but he wants her back.  But can she take him back?  Should she take him back?  Now the real story unfolds…. And basically, I just liked the title.  – Winy

Police, Jo Nesbo:

He is a Norwegian crime writer and this latest offering from him had me on the edge of my chair. A real page turner,  and scary, which I think can make for good summer reading! – Mum

The One And Only, Emily Giffin:

The ultimate ‘beach read’ writer is back and this time with a story about a girl who loves football and her small town but when a tragedy hits she begins to wonder if the path she’s chosen is enough. – Coco

The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith:

J.K. Rowling, I mean (AHEM) Robert Galbraith, is at it again with the follow up thriller to the international best selling Cuckoo’s Calling.  She/He never fails to produce a page turner. – Coco

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, David Sedaris:

Winy suggested one of his older novels, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and Mum suggested his newest, Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls.  I’ve included Diabetes on this list because it’s newer but all of his work is genius so check out either, or.

Have any other recommendations?  Would love to know what you’re reading.








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5 thoughts on “Beach Reads ’14

  1. Yes! I love Coco book recommendations.
    I’m glad you liked Americanah – I just had to re-read it because it’s SO good.
    I’m going to check ALL of these out, I just finished the new Jennifer Weiner (which was pretty good if you like her) and I’m starting to get twitchy because I don’t have my next book lined up.

  2. The Glass Castle & The Silver Star, both by Jeannette Walls. Also, Wild & Tiny Beautiful Things, both by Cheryl Strayed.

  3. I loved The Glass Castle, Sara. Will put The Silver Star on my to do reading list.

  4. Have to add another book on my list to read – Joseph Boyden – The Orenda. Loved his previous novels (Through Black Spruce and Three Day Road) and learning more about Canada and the first founding people .

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