Girl Code: 5 Friendship Rules That Should Never Be Broken



Sex & The City, Girlfriends and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, regardless if you are a fan or not, you can’t deny how amazing it is to watch women share an unbreakable bond like no other. But hey, that’s television for you. We know that this ride-or-die chick type ish is not exactly the reality for some women. The older I get, the more I realize how hard it is to establish true friendships so the babes I do have within my circle I cherish more than anything in this world.

:: If you are in good company then you already have it better than most people ::

I’m also very fortunate enough to have a bestie whom I’ve known since Kindergarten. In our twenty plus years of friendship we have never experienced any drama what-so-ever.

:: Like, ever ::

Our secret formula to a long-lasting bond is respect, love and loyalty. Through and through these 3 key elements are what our foundation is made of. I cannot picture life without her but please believe if she or any of my friends crossed the line, I wouldn’t think twice to exit the relationship. You see, for me, I hold my friends to a high standard because the term “friendship” is not one I take lightly. True friendship requires the effort of both individuals and if I choose to invest time, heart and energy into you, you better not take it for granted. The same rule applies to me as well. It’s a two-way street and I think many relationships fail because one person forgets.

We’ve all had friendships crumble right before our eyes. You think you really know someone until an incident happens and in that moment, just like that, many years of friendship becomes a distant memory. Over time I’ve taken mental notes of the girl code so that I can avoid drama all together. These 5 rules should never be broken.

:: Like, ever ::

Keep these in the forefront of your mind and think twice before you cross the line because for every action there is a reaction and you don’t want to be the reason why another woman is left broken.

CODE #1: Be the type of friend you’d like to have

Self-explanatory but a much needed mention. Think before you act and when you do act, do it with love.

CODE #2: Leave exes alone
Love triangles can get messy. You are better off looking for another fish in the sea. You can’t expect me to believe that out of all the men in the world your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is your soul mate. Girl, please. He’s off limits.


CODE #3: Support her decisions
She may not have always been a good girl, but despite her past mistakes and poor choices she has made, there is still enormous potential for your friend to become a phenomenal woman. No one is perfect. She will mess up from time to time and so will you. As a result of these big dreams and wild ideas, you will both grow from these experiences and have stories to look back on and laugh about. Whatever it is that she is going through, try your very best to love her through it even if you really want to say, “I told you so.” She must learn for herself. And as her friend, it’s your job to be as supportive as you possible.

CODE #4: Let a secret, be a secret
Trust takes a lifetime to build and only a second to destroy. Spilling your friend’s secret is the ultimate betrayal. Not only that, it can get lost in translation and completely changed once Gossip Girl gets a hold of it. Ha! Don’t ya’ll love that show? Anyways, if your friend reveals what is written on her heart, save and lock it up in yours. Forever.

CODE #5: Honesty is the best policy
This rule applies to everything. When your opinion is required, tell the truth ladies, tell the truth. Now things can get really sensitive when you serving your honest view about how your friend looks in a particular outfit or whether or not she should hit the gym or if you find out that her man is cheating. Like the other night I saw my friend’s boyfriend pop up on my Tinder feed. You can only imagine how awkward that conversation with her was, but if it were me I’d want her to keep-it-real. Treat others how you’d want to be treated.


Peace & Love,



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