Decoded: 7 Deceitful Mobile Apps You Don’t Want Your Boyfriend To Have



We live in such an easy-access culture where technology has made it extremely simple for men (and women) to cheat on their partners. Earlier this week while catching up with a male friend I was schooled about dozens and dozens of mobile apps which are specifically designed to help two-timers sneak around. I don’t even want to know why he was knowledgeable in this area.

:: So disturbing ::

But oddly enough, this information is really good for us know. In life, in love, and in your career, it’s essential to stay two steps ahead of the game. Women are born with a killer instinct but sometimes we love so hard that we forget to pay closer attention to detail. Now more than ever, you can’t afford to be blindsided by love. “But, Pauleanna, my man wouldn’t dare cross that line,” you say.

:: Listen ::

Don’t get it twisted. Your man may or may not cheat, but one thing all of us can agree on is that temptation is very real. It’s unfortunate that programs such as the ones I’m about to name exist but now that you are fully aware, you can take action if you need to. For some, this means working as a part-time detective. For others, it’s useful information to pass along to a girlfriend who is in an unhealthy relationship and needs a reality check. But something tells me that there are a few readers who are goin’ through some thangs and this post could very well be the push they need to decode a problem they’ve been having in their relationship. The motive behind this post is none other than to give you a heads up. I do not believe that all men cheat or that all men or dogs. But I’ve come to realize that some things aren’t what they seem and speaking from first-hand experience with heartbreak due to a serial cheater my biggest piece of advice is that if your gut is telling you something, you need to follow it.

Here are 7 sneaky mobile apps that you need to know about:

Nosy Trap | iPhone | Cost: $1.00
There’s really no way to detect this mobile app. This app allows him to capture photos with his front-facing camera of anyone attempting to search through his phone. He will catch you in the act and can easily turn the tables on you. Womp.

Vaulty Stock | android | Cost: $5.00
This app convinces you that your partner is genuinely interested in keeping tabs on the stock market when really it’s a cover up to sway your mind. Accessing this “stock market” folder is a tunnel to a private collection of raunchy photos and videos.

Fox Private Message | android | Cost: $3.00
Have you ever noticed that your boyfriend shakes his phone when you walk into the room? That’s because this app lets him erase sexy conversations and more with a few quick movements back and forth.

Slydial | android | Free
This app will send any side chicks straight to voicemail where they can leave a message privately.

TigerText | android & iPhone | Free
A real-time messaging app which allows him to send a text with an attached deletion time that erases evidence from the recipient’s inbox. This app also allows you to retract a text message before (or after) it has been received by the caller so he cannot be blackmailed.

Cate | android | Cost: $5.00
The most popular call and text eraser which is designed to separate business from pleasure. All evidence is secured with a secret pin and a simple shake will delete anything suspicious in an instant. However, on the flipside, it can also be used to spy. If secretly installed on your significant others phone you will be able to monitor any dirty activity.

Google Voice | android & iPhone | Cost: Free
Making calls and sending texts from his personal number obvi doesn’t make sense and increases his chances of getting caught. Google voice allows him to set up a new number that you don’t know about.


Crazy eh? This list isn’t even the half of it. But I’m glad I could expose you to a new world in which you probably would have never discovered otherwise. Girl, I will always keep it real with you. We have to have each other’s back.

Peace & Love,



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