A Couple Days With The All Electric BMW i3


A few weeks ago BMW threw me the keys to their newest and hottest release – the BMW i3.  Not knowing much about it, aside from the fact that it looked cool and it was electric, I was totally surprised how quickly I became attached.


Why?  Well 1.  It’s super stylin’.  The bubbly, compact frame makes it feel fun and futuristic but when you’re inside it, it feels spacious; roomy even.  2. It’s as close to environmentally friendly that a car’s going to get.  The i3 is made from 90% recycled material and when you’re done with it, the entire thing can be actually recycled.  Plus it’s fully electric.  That’s right, no gas.  You plug this bad boy into the wall just like your hairdryer – though it does take a little longer than a dryer to get going. 3. It’s got pep!  I was thinking this thing would be slow like molasses but oh contraire mon frère, the i3, she’s a whippy little thing!  Yep, 0-60 in under 4 seconds, not bad.  Plus it’s near silent making the driving experience strangely serene.  4.  Suicide doors.  I mean……


But more about it being stylish (fashion lover forever).  The car’s interior glowing blue lights, recycled real wood dash and seats upholstered with recycled materials makes it a detail oriented person’s best friend.  I couldn’t get over the style savvy simplicity of it.




But back to point 2. and it being fully electric.  How the heck does that work?  You may be asking.  Well, like I said, you literally plug it in. Drive it for the day, bring it home and plug it into your BMW iCharge station.  To make it more convenient, there are charging stations all over the city that you can go to and get fully charged up in around 30 minutes.  There’s also a map on your navigational system that will point out all of the stations on a map.  I live around King and Bathurst so I was able to find a charging station for a top up right at King and John in the TIFF building parking lot.  Though I didn’t actually need a charge, I went anyway to check it out and the experience was super-futuristic-cool!


With our collective interest for protecting our environment growing, the i3 is a great alternative to the gas guzzlers that we’ve become so accustomed to driving.  BMW has really done a great job creating a slick and stylish car that you’d be proud to drive.  Not only for it’s sustainability but for it’s super chicness – I can’t tell you how many head nods, beeps with thumbs up and photos taken of me driving by people I didn’t know that I received while whizzing around town.


For more info on the i3 click HERE.




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