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You know how excited you get when you’ve discovered something really dope and you want to share it with everyone you really like? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about DaiLo, Chef Nick Lui’s highly anticipated new restaurant.

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DaiLo, not only means ‘big brother’ in Cantonese, but it is also considered a term of endearment to show respect and love to an elder. As well, the existence of a DaiLo implies the reciprocal “younger brother.” The name of the restaurant totally reflects the food; a nod to the traditional Chinese food Chef Nick grew up with, combined with a modern twist inspired by his travels. Chef Nick describes his food as New Asian cuisine: “I’d describe it simply as some of the best food I’ve had in a really long time. Simple, beautiful and incredibly delicious food.”


If you’re a wine lover as I am, you’ll really enjoy the wine list Anton Potvin has put together to match the incredible food. And the cocktails…oh the cocktails… yummy! You totally MUST try the Tom Yum Booze, a lemongrass gimlet.  It’s so refreshing and so good. I might of had a few…just a few.


I’m gushing about this restaurant because it’s that special. If you’re in Toronto or planning to visit and you’re looking for a wow experience, DaiLo restaurant is for you. Whether it’s a date night (such a sexy décor) or a night out with friends or family, you won’t be disappointed with this Sick Asian Food, thank me later.






Photo credit: Mauricio Calero, MJCPHOTOGRAPHY

DaiLo Restaurant:

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