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I don’t know about you, but I’m a snacker. The kind of girl that eats 3 smalls meals a day + 2 snacks (that’s my regimented routine during the week, after 5pm on Friday, well, that’s another story!)  Being constantly on the go requires a lot of food planning to make sure my choices stay healthy and it is not always easy.  When I heard that my friend Courtney was starting a new Vegan snack company, I was overly excited to taste her products.  I may or may not have had a few (too many) of her delicious treats, all in one testing session. But it was for research though…



Courtney like so many of us, ate everything under the moon until her body started reacting to what she was putting in it. Stomach issues, light headaches all while the doctor told her that she was perfectly healthy.  Courtney took the matter into her own hands and eliminated processed foods from her diet, started juicing, slowly but surely cut dairy and meat and only eating seafood occasionally. These new acquired eating habits were basically a game changer and long gone were those headaches and stomach issues.


Trying to satisfy her sweet tooth by still eating clean and after months of research, The Indulgent Purist was born. The Indulgent Purist is a mostly raw “baking” company. They make natural organic vegan treats free of refined sugar, gluten, and preservatives and they are so yummy!!


If you want to try out Courtney’s delicious treats and add them to your diet, you can place an order online HERE.





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