Fruity Smoothie Ice Cubes!



Listen, summer isn’t over.  It can’t be!  I’m so not ready for chilly weather, short days and cold, dark nights.  The fresh fruit, the long, sunny days, the BBQ’s, the patios…  They have to stay around for a bit longer.  Our summer just wasn’t good enough….

So in hopes to keep the dream of summer alive, today I’m posting about yummy fruity smoothie ice cubes made with fresh blended fruit, veggies, juices and a few with coconut and almond milk.

watermelon-ice cubes

In an effort to drink less diet pop and more water, I like to add fruit to it. Simple enough, just cut up some fruit and put it in your water. But these fruity cubes bring my water game to a whole new level.  You can also add coconut milk or almond milk to make smoothies faster in the morning.  Just pop them out of the cubes, add some protein powder and blend it up!


Any fruit or veggie you like blended or use fresh pressed juice – I used a kale, spinach and pear one and layered it with coconut milk.  Yum!


How To:

In order to get the layered cubes simply add your base let it freeze and then add your other layer

I used honey dew and watermelon for the green and pink ones.  Coconut milk and carrot juice for the orange ones and green and coconut milk for the green ones. (pictured above)

You can use any fruits or veggies that you like, play around with it and have fun!