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It’s officially September.  *gasp!*  And boy does it look like Fall out there….

For some reason every September I still get that strange excited nervous feeling like I did when I was growing up and about to go back for my first day after summer break.  Even though I loved school and wanted to get back I couldn’t calm the butterflies until the end of day one….  Anyone else remember those feelings?

Here are some things that caught our eye last week:

Cute and yummy ice cream toppings.

Would love to go to this!

All inclusives CAN be chic.

A glossary of wedding flowers organized by colour.  What a great idea!

There are rules for eating sushi….

Honest is now worth almost 1 billion.  Holy diapers!

Kale, kale and more kale.

Pam Anderson goes high fashion.

Have you hyperlapsed yet?

Happy September and Labor Day!




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