‘Love Winter’ Gives Us A Reason To Love Winter!

love winter


It’s pretty clear, I hate winter…..  Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word, but I severely dislike the cold, dark, bitter months after the festivities of December and early January have passed and Spring is only a shimmer of hope on the very distant horizon.  So when I heard about a company called Love Winter Inc I was oddly intrigued.  Who are these winter loving people?  And please, tell me why??

After a bit of research I’ve discovered Love Winter is a proudly Canadian company that makes these super cute Valenki boots.  Modelled after traditional Siberian footwear originally made for Royalty these Valenki boots have been protecting winter warriors toe-sies for over 300 years – these Winter loving folks know what their talking about.
The boot itself is made of wool felt that fits into clip-on rubber galoshes.  Pretty smart because these boots give you the benefit of being waterproof where you need them and also snuggly and warm.
One of the reasons I’m not the hugest fan of winter, aside from being allergic to the cold, is ruining my nice shoes with salt stains and being unprepared.  Love Winter‘s creation helps alleviated those frustrations with a cute alternative that have the comfort of Uggs but with more support and a smart waterproof innovation.
So though I’m still not super excited for the weather to turn subzero I can now say that I’m excited to learn how lovewinter in my new Love Winter‘s!
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