Pineapple Jack-o-Lantern!

pumpkin jack-o-lantern

You most likely saw my inspiration for this a few weeks back in our Pin-spiration section.  I thought it was such a cute idea but was still going to keep it traditional with pumpkin jack-o-lanterns.

I propped H up on a step stool, put the pumpkin (her pumpkin) on a cutting board and just as I was about to insert the knife into it’s perfect orange flesh I heard,

“Nooooooo Mamaaaaa!  No hurt pumkiiiiiiin”  wail out beside me.

You see I had somehow forgot that she had been walking around town for two straight weeks with this little guy.  Pumpkin was her friend, her confident.  And though she had tried, on a number of occasions, to bite said bestie, there was no knife being inserted by her Mama (or anyone for that matter) into her beloved.



So there we were.  All prepped and ready to make some jack-o-lanterns but without a preferred subject and with one very agitated not even two year old.  Bubble Guppies and couch snuggles with her favourite blanket to the rescue! As I sat there trying as hard as I could to keep myself from falling asleep (or going crazy) while watching The Guppy and the Ring for the one hundred and eightieth time, I couldn’t get my desire to insert some kind of tradition into this holiday.  To have some kind of representation of my favourite holiday in our home.  Lack of time has it so I don’t have a halloween costume, or even a plan to go anywhere, so I just really needed to have some kind of jack-o-lantern in my house, dang it!

Enter pineapple.

I snuck over to the kitchen with a promise of pineapple slices (a current fave) and quietly gutted a pineapple, carved a little face, threw a candle under it.  Without creating much fanfare I quietly suggested that H look over to where I had placed the jack-o-lanter.  She walked over, pineapple slice in hand and said:

“ohhh, mumma.  Jack-lantern.  Scary”  and giggled.  Turning quickly on her heels and straight back to Bubble Guppy land.

If you have the same issue with pumpkins in your house, have an aversion to pumpkins, don’t have a ton of space, or just want to spice things up a bit, why not try putting a tropical twist to the average Halloween decor.  Added bonus, they actually smell quite nice while being lit from inside.  Negative – they may weep with liquid, so make sure to place a plate or something under it to catch the liquid.

Here’s how (basically exactly like a pumpkin, but who doesn’t like steps):


pineapple pineapple

How to:

– cut off the top of your pineapple carefully

– remove the insides, like you would a pumpkin.  If you want, you can just core the whole thing from bottom to top.  It’s easier but it also leave is wide open on the bottom which will mean it will be wet and leaky.  (Nothing a pretty plate won’t fix though)

– carve out a face just like you want it -outline it if you’re feeling kind of nervous about free handing

– plop in a tea light et, voila!

pumpkin jack-o-lantern   pineapple pumpkin

pineapple pumpkin 2

Happy (almost) Halloween!



p.s. I made some pineapple juice out of the flesh that H didn’t eat.  So yum!


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