Radiant Skin with Philips PureRadiance


Almost as soon as the weather begins to chill it’s like my skin decides to wage war against me and my decision to live in a country that has more winter than summer…..  It gets dry and patchy. It peels and can get bumpy.  I get a greenish tint…. I am anything but radiant.  So as the weather changes I always have to quickly change my skin care regime.  I throw in a good exfoliator and switch up my moisturizer, but it doesn’t always seem to cut it.  More facials would probably be ideal, but that can get costly and takes time that I don’t have.

On a hunt for something to slough away my cold climate skin and bring back even an inkling of a glow, I stumbled upon Philips PureRadiance.  Said to be a gentle touch (as gentle as your hand) yet 10X more effective at removing your makeup, I was instantly intrigued.  Its advanced dual action motion has sonic technology that works incredibly well with whatever your favorite skin cleanser is.



After two weeks of diligent use my skin was not only clearer, it was soft and even a little brighter – without a ray of sunshine in sight!  The PureRadiance was designed with the latest technology to not only clean the skin with gentle rotations but also to stimulate blood flow, remove dead skin cells and all of that gunk from your pores which all helps to provide better absorption of all of those amazing skin care products we obsess over.  Or I obsess over….


The PureRadiance feels sleek in your hand and is super simple to use.  I especially like that it gives you an alert as to when you should move over to the next part of your face – 20 seconds in each zone – giving you a full facial treatment in just one minute.  You can also customize it with different brush heads to tailor it to your particular needs. Whether you have sensitive skin or need a really deep exfoliation, this guy has got you covered.


Philips PureRadiance is available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond and might just be the perfect gift for someone on your list.  Or a lovely gift to self….




p.s. the skin care products that I’m loving right now in the morning (pictured above) are Luminous Glow and Serum Repair by Dr Sebagh, Phloretin CF by Skinceuticals, and Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica + a sunscreen tinted moisturizer (not pictured)



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