Honouring Great Customer Service by Paying – It – Forward with Amex

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There is not much that makes me happier than great service. Being in the service industry for many years I prided myself on giving great service, loved making people feel important and ensuring that they had an enjoyable time. Now when I get great service I always make the point to acknowledge it, whether it be in a tweet, an email or writing on a comment card at a restaurant or hotel.


Paying the positivity forward…


It was during one of Amex’s Service Spotlight’s last year that I was really reminded of the importance of using your voice to share great service stories, rather than constantly clogging up the webesphere with more complaints. Being a leader in customer service, Amex prides itself on providing Relationship Care that goes above and beyond. Being in the business for 161 years, Amex has been putting in some serious time perfecting the art of good customer service. Amex inspired me to take a moment and celebrate someone in my life that I’ve recently come across who exemplified what amazing service and attention to detail really means.


Meet Halla. As the PR director for my favourite hotel here in Toronto this Texas native is a no nonsense business woman who tells it like it is and gets it done. The world of PR is filled with a lot of pleasing of people and there’s nothing more refreshing than someone who is honest and direct yet such an absolute pleasure to be around. We have worked together on a few projects and there hasn’t been a time that Halla has been off her game. She’s attentive, caring and a shining example of what it is to truly care about the importance of the customer.



For a luxury hotel brand the bar is set very high and it takes incredible attention to detail to exceed customer’s expectations on a daily. Companies like American Express depend on great reviews and that’s why Amex has done the research. On average Canadians tell 8 people about their good customer service experiences and 17 about their bad. A whopping 96% of people talk about their bad service experiences, yet positive word of mouth still remains the biggest referral factor out there.


Because my work with Halla has proven that she’s a customer service ninja – one of the absolute best in the biz- I decided to highlight her great work with a little gift. I wanted her to know that all of her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and decided to ‘pay-it-forward’ with a $100 Amex Gift Card that she can use to treat herself. Being the lovely person she is, her first reaction to the gift was to use it to buy a gift for someone else. Too sweet!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.15.04 AM

Since Halloween is over, it’s pretty much now officially the season of giving so I wanted to encourage you to join me in the ‘pay-it-forward’ movement and share a great customer service story with me here on the blog or on Twitter. Don’t forget to mention us @cocoandcowe @AmexCanada so we can share your awesome stories and help to spread a little love.





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