Living An Enriched Life….


Oh life. It’s a funny thing; a funny, complex, interesting, messy thing. The older I get the more I understand that it’s more than just achieving a goal but rather all about the journey. About how I got there. How I got here.


Two years ago (as most of you know) I had a daughter and if there’s one thing I’ve learned is the importance of that journey. It reminds me to respect the little moments that make up a life because with a small child the moments are so incredibly perfect and magical and then, just like that, they’re gone.


Amex recently asked me to reflect on what living an enriched life means to me and I’ve been reflecting on it ever since. What is it exactly that makes my life full? What makes it worth being excited for, what makes it worth living? At first glance it’s easy, it’s my family, my friends; but when I thought about it more, I thought about what makes it click, what fills me up?


I quickly concluded that it’s those moments. I love to travel pretty much more than anything. To see new things and experience life through the eyes of others but when I think of my travel to various cities I know I mark my time based on the little memories that made it magical.


Paris is beautiful, but drinking cheap champagne in a dingy basement bar with the sister of a friend I had only just met on that trip was the most magical takeaway. She smoked a million cigarettes while intricately explaining the ins and outs of her complicated relationships with fashion and men, and we laughed so hard we cried, forgetting the time and lapping up the magic of a new friendship. My trip was made that night.


Travel, and just life in general, has changed so drastically since having little Harlowe and nothing fills me up more now than seeing that big toothy grin. Watching her freak out with excitement over a really big strawberry or a having her run as fast as she can to me when I come home from work…


Long story short, what makes my life an enriched one? It’s the little things. The moments. The laughs. The insanely magical moment of sipping a perfect cup of coffee alone, in silence, with a good book. That’s what living an enriched life, an Amex Life, is all about to me.


But enough about me, what does it mean to you!?!? One more thing that makes my life more full is hearing all of your stories.


Thankfully Amex is making it very fun for you to share. Over the next little while I’m going to be sharing images from my life that depict my #AmexLife and I would love for you to share in the fun! Amex cardmemeber or not, you can get in on the fun and share your photos under the hashtag #AmexLife along with the @amexcanada handle. Amex will be featuring fan photos of the week on their social platforms as well as giving away some sweet prizes through their ‘surprise and delight’ program, so share and share often!


Also, on Monday night I will be moderating a super exciting conversation with some of my favorite people, Steph from the drool-inducing site The Coveteur, Liloo Alim from our fave hotel, The Four Seasons, and Amex expert Laura. We will be hitting Twitter at 6:30pm and would love for you to tune in and join the conversation! Tweet us @cocoandcowe or any of the panelists @TheCoveteur,@AmexCanada @Lalim36 using hashtag #AmexLife.


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