Runway Crush, The New Fashion Marketplace


In this brave new world full of tweets, status updates, emails, text and Instagrams, there’s a ton of information, but sometimes the stuff you really want to know about never really reaches your inbox, or never pops up in any of your push notification.


Being a lover of fashion, I actively seek out new and innovative designers but I’m not always on top of them all and sometimes local designers are the first to fall off in the mix.


Runway Crush, promises to fix all of that.



Created to be a ‘fashion launch pad’ for new and innovative designers, Runway Crush is a curated fashion marketplace for all of us who want us to be in the inside track. A fashion hub that not only connects you with designers that you may not already have access to, but also one that tells you their stories, shares the latest fashion news and trends and generally keeps you in the hip and hot fashion know.



First recognized by Flare, MSN and FAJO magazine, Runway Crush could just be the piece of the fashion puzzle that you’ve been missing. The portal that will keep you up to date, on trend and thoroughly versed in all things up and coming, local and fashion forward.



So with the holidays just around the corner, what could be a better place to shop for that holiday party or the fashion savvy person on your list?

Check it out and get lost in the wonderful world of fashion today HERE

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