90 Day Challenge


The girls and I at the office have gotten together and made a pledge to be active and healthy for 90 days.  Really pushing ourselves and each other to workout and eat healthy.  Our goal each week is to workout 6 times and eat as clean as possible while staying hydrated and avoiding any junk.

To stay motivated, each week we have a new fitness challenge.  Last week it was to run 3k and this week it’s to download the NTC App (if you already haven’t) and to do at least 3 of the workouts.


NTC is like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  With it, you literally have no excuse.  With workouts as short as 5 minutes to as long as 60, you can make choices that fit your lifestyle everyday.  From yoga to tabata, you can also pick a workout to suit your mood and need with cool features like add your own playlist to little videos that show you how to do every move.


NTC also has live FREE classes every week in Toronto at Academy of Lions.  These classes are a great way to stay motivated and meet super fun, like minded people.  You can sign up HERE.

If you travel, have a hard time getting to the gym, or just need something new to do, NTC is for you.  I’ve done it everywhere – from Tokyo to Bugaboo (that was crazy) and I never fail to break a crazy sweat and feel great afterwards.

Good luck friends!  Check back every Monday here or on Instagram for a new challenge.