My 3 Day Cleanse with Cedar Juice!

Cedar juice


Though I complain the whole way through, I still manage to find myself on a juice cleanse around four times a year.  When I start feeling sluggish and bloated I know it’s time.  As the New Year festivities drew to a close and I started on our 90 Day Challenge I was eager to give my healthy journey a kick start with a little juicing.  This time I decided to try out Cedar Juice for a quick 3 day cleanse.

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Why Cedar?  Well 1, it was new to me and I like trying new things but also, they’re all about superfood nutrition and after the fun filled holidays I’d had, I needed a big boost of some superfood goodness.  Also, Cedar is on the cutting edge of the ‘coldpress juice revolution’.  What is coldpress?  In very basic terms, coldpressing is when you take a ton of amazing veggies and fruits and put them under a crazy amount of pressure to extract every drop of nutrition.  Their juices are never pasteurized and are all derived from organic vegetation.


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My juices were delivered to my door the night before I got started.  I cleaned out a shelf in my fridge and stocked my nutrition for the next few days to have a visual and to also get me focused on my 3 days to come.  The cleanse consisted of 6 juices to be consumed over the day.

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My favourites were Pineapple Head (obvi), Lemon’s Your Lucky Day, Skip To The Beet and Cracked It…  Actually, I pretty much loved them all except the one that was probably the best for me AKA Kale Made Good.   It’s not that it was bad, it just wasn’t as delicious as the others, which if you think about it, a cleanse with 5 juices out of 6 being delicious is pretty darn good!


cedar juice

As every cleanse I’ve been on, day 1 was fine, day 2 is pretty tough and day 3 I felt great!  As a matter of fact, once I got over the hump of day 2 I totally thought I could go on the cleanse for longer and once done I was a little afraid to eat anything, especially anything bad for me – mission accomplished!

Another reason I usually do a cleanse is to stop myself from mindless eating.  Being a mother and cooking for my daughter and occasionally eating out with her, I can totally get into the habit of picking mindlessly at her food because, hey, it’s damn tasty and if she’s going to throw it on the floor, why not?  The only problem with that is grazing on her food can totally add up.  I once saw a show where they added up what an average parent could potentially eat from a child’s plate over a day and it resulted in the parent eating a couple slices of pizza.  I would so rather indulge in a delicious slice of pizza consciously rather than eating little nibbles of cheese here, or a few bites of pasta there.  Since all calories add up, I want to be mindful of what I’m scarfing down.

Juicing is known to have a vast number of benefits like improving digestion, increasing energy, clearing up bad skin and even weight loss.  If you’ve never been on a cleanse or are interested in trying again, Cedar is a great choice.  It gets delivered directly to your doorstep and is pretty darn delicious.

Do make sure to consult your Dr. before going on a cleanse – I love me some webMD but Dr I am not, so it’s always good to be clear with what will work best with your system and your family Doc can help you with that.

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