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Valentine’s day is right around the corner…. Yes, I know, where is the time going? Though many of you may sneer at even the mention of this special day (not I sir) it is to me, a day to celebrate love – in whatever form you see fit.


So this year we teamed up with Command Party to throw a ‘Show Your Love’ party for all of the lovely ladies in our office. Some of us are in relationships, some are not, so I wanted to find a way to make everyone I work with feel some love.



We started with the quickest way to anyone’s heart, through their tummies. We made a pretty little sweet table stocked with yummy treats like rice krispy heart pops, spiked strawberry love milk and our latest colour combination from C&C Confectionary.





To make the table come to life we hung a whimsical birdcage filled with ivy and flowers with the nifty Command Party Ceiling Hook – my actual favorite new party trick. Also using the hooks we hung paper fans sporadically, along with some upside down balloons. To give the table a little depth we hung some fans further out from the table and others directly to the wall with the Command Party Banner Anchors.




I’ve been known to be a little neurotic when putting together an event or sweet table so moving things around happens often. Thanks to Command Party products I can hang and hang without ever having a worry that my walls will be ruined – hallelujah! Because I just might have moved one particular fan eight times… Just saying.


To make the party a little more special and personal I wanted to give everyone a little love letter. Nothing too sappy or romantic, but just a little letter of appreciation for all of their hard work. So rather than just handing them out (which might have resulted in an awkward exchange) I decided to get a wee bit creative and hung them on the wall using Command Party Mini Spring Clips, which are just the cutest little things! I affixed massive LOVE balloons to the wall using Command Party Clear Mounting Strips and gathered the balloon’s ribbons with another Mini Spring Clip to make it look like the balloons were floating over the envelopes.



With Command Party super cute ideas really do come to life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shied away from trying fun decorating things for parties because I didn’t want to do any permanent damage. If you follow the super simple instructions your party (and your walls) will look awesome!



Command Party products can be found on HERE!

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*a sponsored coco & cowe post*

p.s. special thanks to ps by prettysweet for the beautiful cake, krispies and donuts

photos by @missevarosalia



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  1. Love it! This was so fun. Their products really are awesome for fun parties like this in fact, I gravitated towards Command Products at Staples for my Sister’s baby shower after shooting this and our New Years shindig.

  2. Your DIY tutorials make me feel that I too can do this.

    Thank you and keep doing more fun tutorials.


  3. I read this blog post months ago and finally used some of these strips…amazing to say the least! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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