Thursday Thought: Aging



I saw this video on Cup of Jo and it got me thinking:

And after a recent trip to LA and a conversation with friends about botox (preventative vs responsive) aging has been on my mind.  I used to think that age was something you only thought about when you got old but as the years push by I’ve started to see aging as a little more complex.

On beauty:

In my heart I believe Frances.  In my heart of hearts I WANT to believe Frances.  I want to love the idea of aging, of collecting wrinkles on the map that is my face; that with every wrinkle there’s a story, my loves, my losses, my experiences, my personal tale.  But then I go to my local salon and they’re hosting a Botox party or I open a magazine touting the benefits of the ‘preventative’ and I wonder if I don’t get into the act of ‘saving’ my face I’m going to end up being the only 50 year old who looks her age because she didn’t join the self preservation society.

Or maybe I won’t….  That’s the thing about getting older, you have to get there.


On  success:

Aging is about way more than beauty.  Sadly, Winy had to remind of that when we had a discussion about this very topic and she couldn’t be more right.  Her point being that the older you get the more you consider your place in the world, how much you’ve achieved VS what or where you thought you’d be.

On fertility:


I would be remiss to not mention fertility when talking about aging when it comes to women. Whether it’s your dream to have babies, you just know you want one, are indifferent or just plain don’t, there’s a pressure surrounding motherhood (if you’re planning on bearing the child) because it unfortunately does have a time limit. I have noticed this more since having a child of my own. Women have been more willing to share their desire to have children and their frustrations with a whole host of predicaments like finding the right partner, being ready, wanting to focus on career but also wanting a child. When you add to the equation a limit of time based on age things get increasingly difficult and complicated.



On mortality, ability etc:

The small injuries I’ve had get inflamed easier, my recovery is slower.  It seems that it’s easier to gain weight and harder to lose and though I’m in my early thirties it makes me think of the future and if and when it’s all going to just stop.  It makes me think about death but this is the one part that I think of positively, that I want to fill every day as much as I can so that I have a ton to look back on and little to regret (or a lot to have learned from)

This is a great thought provoker:



What do you think about when the topic of aging comes up on any of these topics?


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