Monday Motivation: Better For It



As you know from Instagram, we’ve taken up the challenge from Nike to create a team of kick ass ladies (and a few gents) to run the first ever Nike Toronto 15k.  As I’ve been training and the runs get longer in distance I, many times, find myself mid-run feeling like I would rather be doing anything but running.  Anything.  But when my Nike+ app (which I’m obsessed with) tells me I’ve hit my daily goal (like this Saturday’s 9km) I’m always beyond thrilled.  A small sense of accomplishment in a long day of unfinished business.  And that’s why I love running.  It’s not that it feels crazy amazing with every strike of the pavement but that it’s the one thing that has a definitive beginning and end – a small victory, a pat on the back that I don’t have to wait for anyone to give me.


Better For It, Nike’s new initiative is all about the training process – how achieving a bunch of small goals (a run, a spin class) is all part of getting to the place you want to be.  It’s a journey and every push you make brings you closer.  Check out this cool video to get a better idea:





Follow along on our Instagram as we prepare for the Nike Women’s 15k and also on the hashtag #betterforit to see what women across the world are doing to challenge themselves.





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