travel tuesday: Sometimes A Staycation Is Just What The Dr Ordered



Being a mother is the most fantastic gift.  It is also incredibly taxing when trying to balance a career, home, family and social life.  Finding the time to plan a trip away can seem almost impossible but I believe wanting time to yourself, even a little, shouldn’t be discouraged, but rather encouraged – though I have to be reminded…

When I was invited to a dinner at The Four Seasons Toronto with Moet, Winy (knowing my current state of lack of sleep) suggested I make a night of it.  It was something I hadn’t even considered before she mentioned it but once I got to thinking about it – I could get ready without a child grabbing my lipstick and threatening to paint the walls?!  I could go to sleep (sleep all night through) and SLEEP IN….  I was so in.

I checked in and instantly put on my robe – my favourite hotel tradition.




I ordered room service for lunch, indulging in the bliss of the quiet tranquility, finished a post in a lovely relaxed pace and the headed down to the spa for a little pampering.


A dip in the incredible indoor pool.  A catch up on the latest dish and then off to the killer salon (or beauty parlor as I like to call it – they have it all) to get transformed.


Nails did, hair did, everything done!  Stephen was the highlight giving me a beautiful blow out and tons of entertainment – he’s hilarious!


Once transformed I headed down for a lovely dinner, but honestly could not wait to get back up to my room.  After watching minutes of TV that didn’t involve a Bubble Guppy or Anna or Elsa, I passed out on the sumptuous bed for the most wonderful uninterrupted sleep a mother of a toddler could ask for.  I truly had no idea how important sleep is until I got less than zero of it…


In the morning decided against the sleep in and took breakfast with a lovely friend at Cafe Boulud.  She promised the omelette was the best in the city and she really did not lie.

Traveling to far flung destinations is something I would never give up but time isn’t always on our side.  If you find yourself stuck in the city but wanting a night or two of something a little different a Staycation is where it’s at.  Though The Four Seasons Toronto is incredible, you don’t have to slip away onto the hotel property for the whole time.  There is something to be said about playing tourist in your own city.  You’d be surprised of all of the things we take for granted living in the thick of it every day.


Or just at least jump on the bed….  Always jump on the bed.






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  1. Awww, I hope little H is doing well. I loved reading this post. That last picture is just priceless. I’m back tracking through the last few weeks of posts to leave comments lol. So thrilled that I can comment again. You guys have been my fav blog since I found you several years back :’) Lots of love – Gina

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