Why I Continue To #trydry with Dove’s New Dry Spray


So we’ve established that this sweaty mess (me) is a fan of Dove Dry Spray. After wearing it for a week while I ran around at Toronto Fashion Week and it stood up against my nerves and general anxieties I wanted to further push the product. Would it stand up to my workouts? To running after my crazy fast and super active toddler? I was up to keep trying because it had worked up to this point.


First let’s talk a little bit about Dove Dry Spray and what it’s all about. Dove’s newest innovation is a spray but not your father’s antiperspirant spray…. Using the newest in technology Dove Dry Spray is the new way to stay dry and here’s why:


  1. When you spray it goes on and is instantly dry – no greasy wet residue.
  2. It actually has 48 HOURS of hang time. Yup clean and dry arm pits even if you’re too busy and miss your shower (shhhh)
  3. It’s a Dove product so you know it’s going to have all that you love – ¼ moisture for your sensitive skin which will leave you moisturized and smooth
  4. It smells incredible (any of the flavors) and the scent lasts as long as the product does. Not morphing into some weird smell that some other antiperspirants do
  5. It doesn’t stain your clothing and you’re not getting that massive dose of wax that you get when you use traditional stick or gel antiperspirants


On a typical day I have a shower, spray Dove Dry Spray (even after I shave and have no irritation) work all day, do a workout and seriously stay dry and fresh for the whole time. I’ve made Dove Dry Spray part of my every day routine because I have to apply it once and not think about it again. Not thinking about sweating is a pretty amazing thing in my books!



The spray comes in a bunch of delicious scents from Revive which has notes of pomegranate and zesty lemon to Cool Essentials that boast a touch of green tea and cucumber to the original powder fresh Dove scent that we’ve all grown to love.


If you’re looking to switch up your antiperspirant game or just generally interested in trying something new I highly recommend Dove Dry Spray. You can pick it up at any major drug store. The product lasts for up to 8 weeks and comes in a slick little container that’s perfect to travel with.






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  1. SOLD! I’m buying this. I hate sprays ’cause they are always wet and then I’m standing there waiting for my pits to dry LOL! This sounds like a product that might work for me. Fingers crossed that I enjoy it 😀

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