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Now THAT’s an entrance!

Another crazy week, unfortunately still chill but happy for the sunshine!  Here are some of our favourite post this week:

This print needs to be mine.

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner interview?  Kudos to him for his bravery!  It was interesting to read what one of his wives had to say.

Refinery says you’re removing your makeup wrong.  I’m lucky if I remove it….  The horror.

A new curated craft store on Queen West.


Could you do it?

Loved this post.

What famous women think about female friendship.

Great entrepreneurs and the traits they share.

You are beautiful. 

This beach coverup!

Take me away…..

I love seeing what different people like about cities I love. RAOP has a cool city guide for Vegas and even though I’ve been there a bunch of times her slightly different perspective gave me a bunch of new spots I want to hit up!





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