From Couch to 15K, The Road To The Nike Women’s Run in Toronto

cc-run-crew When Nike asked me to put together a run crew of my very own I was both excited and nervous.  Excited because I knew it would be a fun way to stay motivated on my running journey but also nervous because it was a big commitment and though the run is only 15k, it’s a much longer distance than I’ve been running lately.  Always up for a challenge I accepted and went to sourcing who I wanted in my crew.

The people at Nike promised that anyone able bodied and uninjured could – with the right training – literally go from their couch to completing a 15k run within 10 weeks.  So I decided to put it to the test.  I selected a smattering of my friends and colleagues from a range of levels of physicality and asked them to take up the challenge with me.  Though most were extremely apprehensive (I don’t run. I can’t run. 15, like KILOMETERS?!?!) They all couldn’t deny the opportunity and found ways to make time in their busy schedules to meet with me every Tuesday evening.


Upon sign up they also agreed to not only push themselves with me but also on their own time with a schedule that looks a little something like this in week 4 of our training:

*each box denotes a day of the week*


nike training pdf


As we move into the fourth week of our training it’s amazing to see the progression of my crew.  They’ve all taken up the challenge head on, running on their own or meeting up on their own time, clocking their KM’s and inspiring people within their circles as they do it.


Since Nike has really taken up female athletics as an important part of their mandate it’s incredible to see the excitement unfold real time on the streets.  It’s really cool to be a part of a movement that’s encouraging women to get out there and get active which will only ensure that it’s passed on to our juniors.


If you’re interested in starting your running journey Nike recently teamed up with The Running Room in Liberty Village and is hosting amazing group runs.  Click HERE for more details.

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