link lovin’


How dreamy would it be to attend a garden party like this?  *swoon*  Before you dream on that, here’s some of what we’ve been reading….


Spring cleaning and new fashion posts from our new friend.

FOODOGRAPHY aka dinner designed to please your Instagram feed.

Why French women don’t contour.

Wait, is that Zoe or Lisa?

The Snob Essentials ladies launch e-commerce.

The designers of Public School have a new gig.

How a moveable wall makes 390 sq feet liveable.

Take us back to Oaxaca!




Top image via my FAVE!


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  1. I loved the, Why French women don’t contour, article so so so much! I don’t know if it’s entirely true but I love the message behind it. Accepting yourself for who you are and playing up your best features!

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