have a lovely weekend….



Don’t you wish cherry blossoms stayed all year long?   I went to High Park for the first time last weekend and was in awe of all of the blooms.  I dream of going to Japan to see them in full force.  The pictures look so incredible.

Here are some of my favourite posts this week:

I love Kelly Bourne’s parenting advice.  Goodness knows I need tips, especially on things like taking your child out to a restaurant.

I need this

Perfect travel bag.

How to ride a bike wearing a skirt.

This for H and this for me.

Dying to try this.

This font.

Loved this perspective on race.

Avocado hummus.  Nomms

A sight that recognizes there isn’t just one type of nude.

Louboutin is hip to it too!

Homemade mango roll ups.  Perfect for the kiddies.