Top Tips On Finding The Right Art For Your Space….

Bigger is Better

Amazing artwork can take any space and turn it from the everyday to the spectacular. Notwithstanding its ability to elevate interiors, artwork can provide comfort and personality to any space.

Finding artwork you adore at a price point you adore can present a challenge. As an interior designer, I am constantly on the lookout for amazing artwork that alters spaces, without drastically altering your bank account. See below for my top tips…


Sometimes, Size Is Everything:

Bigger is Better 2

Despite art connoisseurs professing small is okay, in my humble opinion bigger is always better. I often have friends send me links to online art prints that they love. Typically, my response is look at the size! I always urge people away from 10×18 and similar small sizes. I think it’s hard to truly make a statement with something so tiny. When sourcing art, I always like to think of the impact it will have on the room. I typically opt for large scale murals, vintage signs, or oversized prints to really create that “wow” factor several small pieces can sometimes fail to offer.



Vintage Tapestry


Vintage shopping is an incredible resource for finding art that speaks to you on a budget. I always urge my clients to visit as many antique shops as they possibly can in order to find something they love. My luckiest find was an incredible tapestry recently purchased at an antique market for 20 dollars. These one-of-a-kind finds completely alter the mood and feel of a space on a paper thin budget. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go! You truly never know what you will come across in the most unexpected of places.




With the plethora of online art sites available, the options are truly endless. With every type of subject matter imaginable, it really is easy to fill your walls with something you love on a budget.


My top online art sites include:

These Fine Walls

The Tappan Collective





Some of my favourite art is actually things I have personally made, altered or graffitied. I am a HUGE supporter of DIY art. Going down the DIY route allows you to really feel a connection to the piece, as well as have an amazing conversation starter in any room you choose to hang it. Never shy away from having some fun with a bottle of spray paint and some creativity – the limits are endless.






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