Summer Beauty Essentials: Karen Michelle


Summer is the time to switch up my regime because thankfully, we are blessed with some much-needed sun and with it, the moisture I’ve really been missing!  This means I use less but like they say, ‘less is more’ and with the right beauty essentials, a little can go a long way.


1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen

This sunscreen is my favourite for several reasons. It is light, it absorbs well and it really protects your skin. While I love the sun and am a sun worshiper, I make sure to wear this sunscreen everyday.



2. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder with SPF.

I have tried bb creams and foundations and they are not for me. This powder is amazing! It gives you a light coverage while allowing your skin to breath and it feels incredible on your skin; you don’t even feel like you’re wearing makeup.



3. Essie Nail polish

It’s essential to have my nails on point for the summer sunshine. Jam packed with festivals and pool parties, it is only right to dress my nails with some of my fave summertime Essie polishes and top coat!



4. Lip Medex from Blistex

In the winter I swore by this stuff and in the summer I use it the same. I am also obsessed with having my lips moisturized and this inexpensive lip moisturizer does exactly that. Also, Oprah is a big fan of this stuff so if she swears by it, you have to know its good!




5. The Celestial Liquid Lighting

This beauty right here is an essential skin treatment primer and foundation developer. It gives me that glowing from within look. Plus, it’s waterproof making it the perfect summer primer.

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