Thursday Thought: and now Self Love….

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While speaking at our weekly meeting about topics of interest Winy posed the question: “Ok, I get ‘Self Care‘, but what about Self Love?”

She went further to explain that as if the pressure to be beautiful and thin and smart and successful weren’t enough, the age of Instagram has added yet another layer to the beauty myth.  With filters, and thinning apps on top the real life surgically altered displays of so called ‘perfect beauty’ the weight to be in love with how you look can be incredibly daunting.

And don’t even get me started on body shaming…..

With all of this noise swirling around us how do we continue to fall in love with ourselves despite our stereotypical flaws?

I, unfortunately don’t have the answers.  I feel the pressure and squirm constantly at reflections of myself.  But on doing some chatting and some minor interweb research I’ve discovered a few things that just might help me and any of you feeling the same way.

1. Self acceptance:  Reminding yourself that regardless of the outward package, the pimple, the back fat, you are still you.  Whether in transition or not, you are still the same person that your friends want to hang around and that your family or puppy or kitty cat love unconditionally.

If you have a genuine smile on your face and a positivity in your soul, you’re beautiful just the way you are.

2. Have a morning mantra:  I thought this was so crazy when I first did it and to be honest I still break out into laughter when I do it now, but when I look at myself in my eyes and tell myself that I’m beautiful, smart and valuable and that I’m going to have a great day it does feel pretty good.  Even if it’s just the act of laughing at myself that makes my morning.

3. Put down your phone and look up at the stars:  When looking at your various social apps starts to get heavy, put them away.  Harken back to a time when we ran around without a care for social virtual connection.

4. Compliment someone: sometimes the act of being the light for someone else will bring the warmth back to you.  This may sound selfish but if you actually feel like someone looks great keeping it to yourself seems a little more covetous, doesn’t it?

5.  Remind you, yourself, no matter how big or small you think your following or importance is, are an example to the little women who are coming up after us.  I look at my daughter who unabashedly kisses herself in the mirror telling herself quietly that she’s beautiful and I’m reminded that if we are great examples of lovers of self who then spread love to others, they too will grow up with that understanding and maybe, just maybe, the world will be a more forgiving place.

Oh, and read and remember this:


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  1. Love this. And that picture of your daughter is pretty adorable by the way. I’ve started writing down five things I’m grateful for everyday. Maybe I will add a couple of things I love about myself to that list daily. thanks for posting

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