A Simple Parisien Picnic


Since we’re part French here and Coco & Cowe (we have a few Frenchies in the house.  Holla!) We decided to celebrate summer with a backyard picnic inspired by one of our favorite places on the planet, Paris.


My fellow Frenchmen (Frenchwomen?) insist that the French are huge employers of the K.I.S.S. method of living.  That’s right, they stress the Keep It Simple Stupid way of life – beauty in simplicity – and I’m so cool with that!

So, when planning what to serve at this picnic in our own little fictional ‘Paris’ we decided to not go crazy and make a whole wack load of difficult dishes but rather made a few fresh salads, chopped up some fruit, picked up a roasted Cornish Hen, got some cheese and meats and made a charcuterie board of sorts.


Though the food was simple, we wanted it to still look beautiful.  Let’s be honest, what is French and not?  We achieved this by placing everything in pretty dishes from (told you it was simple!)  By adding depth to table layout it made the presentation appear not so flat.  How to add a bit of sneaky height to your table?  Books!  I snuck stacks of books under the tablecloth in strategic areas to give height and depth.


And finally, to make the picnic complete, and perfectly French, we had to have champagne, Perrier Jouet, of course (how beautiful are their bottles?) and gorgeous pastries…







The incredible bite sized pastries were made by Nadege.  Cannot claim to have anything to do with them but putting them delicately on a blue tray.  lol.  Gosh they were stunning!





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plates by West Elm & Anthropologie, glasses and champagne by Perrier Jouet. Photography by Elaine Fancy.




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