paying it forward



Surprises are my favourite. I love to be surprised but more than that I love to surprise people, especially those I care about. It makes me happy to make others happy and I often forget how easy it is.

Last week as I was waiting for my uber by a bus stop, a woman approached me and asked me if I had change for a five-dollar bill. I checked my wallet and didn’t. She was with three kids and instead of walking away I asked her how much she needed. She told me 80 cents. I really did not have change for a 5 but I did have a dollar to give. At that moment I knew how she felt, she just wanted to have enough money to get on the bus with these kids. I’ve been there myself, needing change for parking or bus fare and hoping someone would be kind enough to help. I’ve received help more times than I can count and that day was my turn to do the same.

So often I wonder how it is that I can make a difference and on that day I was given my answer. I may not be able to make a difference to everyone but I may make a difference to a few, some whom I may never know and that’s enough for me. It felt really good to help someone and not only that but to put a smile one someone’s face; the same smile that comes across my face when a complete stranger waits to hold a door open for me; the smallest of gestures but the ones that move me the most.

The happiness I felt for the rest of that day is a happiness I wish to feel more often. Whether opening a door, offering your seat on the streetcar or simply smiling, caring is a beautiful thing, one that costs you nothing.

Happy Thursday

P.s Have you ever helped a stranger? How did you feel afterwards?
I would love to hear your stories.

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