Creating Your Dream Walk-In Closet On A Budget

Desk Island

Closets are paramount in everyday living and need to be organized, accessible, and beautiful. While sometimes your dream “Kardashian-esque” closet can be outside of your budget, these helpful tips will have your closet looking top notch in no time.


Match Your Hangers

Inside the closet, the best way to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing space is to use coordinating hangers that all match and will help keep your hanging garments orderly. I like to opt for the IKEA brand wooden hangers in white or natural wood. Many clients prefer the velvet coated non-slip hangers as they are slimmer and keep garments in place if you are tight on space.

These are great and so are these


Invest In A Floor Mirror


Whether leaning on the floor, or smartly fixed to a wall, a stunning decorative mirror can add an instant punch. My go-to’s are ornate gilded styles casually leaned against a free wall to make it seem as though you are shopping in an upscale Parisian boutique. My absolute favourite is this new addition to the Restoration Hardware Catalogue for 2015.



Colour Code


Colour-coding your shoes, pants and tops add an element of organization and cleanliness to any closet. By displaying similar items in a colour-coded fashion, it even makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier! The best part of all? It’s completely free!


An Island

Table Island

Traditional closet islands can be quite challenging on a low budget. Luckily, many designers are opting to save money and use a more traditional antique table or desk to function as an island on a budget. These pieces feel modern and fresh, and instantly add a touch of the eclectic to an otherwise cookie-cutter closet.


The Rug

Beni Rug


An area rug can add instant warmth and texture to your closet and transform it from just a simple room to a glam dressing space. I am personally a huge fan of zebra hides which add that cool factor while still being quite neutral. Have some fun and let your personality come through on this one. As seasons and styles change, area rugs can always be rolled up and used elsewhere.




I am a big proponent of the pouf, ottoman or (if you have the space) chaise. Be creative with your seating and add a built in chair if you are tight on space. What could be more glamorous than having your girlfriends over and everyone relaxing in your closet while you try on your latest clothing finds?



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