What’s Your Nude?


Nude lips are back, or here to stay or arguably never left, but whatever the case may be, nude lips are it.  And though a great nude lip is all the rage, I am the first to admit that finding the right shade is not as easy as one might think.  No, this isn’t your mama’s nude.  The thick brown liner that surrounds a stark white filling (that let’s be honest, looked good on no one) is a no go.  Nope, now you’ve got to take the time to find the right shade because not all nudes are created equal….


Because we all have different skin tones, we all need different nudes and thankfully the beauty industry is finally starting to catch on.  Maybelline recently launched a 10 shade collection of nudes to cover a pretty wide spectrum and Laura Mercier, Nars & MAC have great variety too.


But it’s still hard to find the right shade.  I asked some of my friends what they’re fave nudes are and they each had a very unique response.

Check out our faves:


One of my favourite nudes is a combo of Honey Love from MAC and Nucleus from Nars.  It has enough pink to not wash me out but also isn’t too dark.




Eva: I’ve been wearing C-Thru from MAC probably since I started wearing makeup.  If I’m not wearing Ruby Woo this is my absolute go-to.




Winy: I’m literally obsessed with nude lipstick so picking my fave was a hard task.  I like the combo of Nars in Isobella & Laura Mercier Sparkling because the matte from the Nars pencil gives me that creamy matte look while the gloss is the perfect addition for a nice nude sparkle on top.



Martina: Choosing a nude lipstick for me is simple.  I stick to the beige tones because my lip pigment is on the darker side so it provides the perfect balance and coverage.  The Laura Mercier nude shade, Milky Way, I chose is my absolute fave, literally the perfect beige nude for my lip tone!




Jennifer:  My makeup MO is keep it simple and Stormy Sahara from Maybelline is just that.  Nothing crazy just a great shade with good coverage that works with my skin accentuating my summer glow rather than washing me out.


What’s your favourite nude for your skin tone?  There are just so many options it’s always nice to hear about different combos.


photos by Fancy.








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  1. Nucleus is a really pretty color! Thanks for making a swatch/post about it. I haven’t heard of this shade before.

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