A Southern Inspired BBQ with Sobeys


I love a good BBQ and when thinking of BBQ how can you not think of the the South?  I went to Austin, Texas last summer and had my mind (and my arteries) a little blown with all of their incredible food.  There were a plethora of food trucks serving up traditional Texas fare – ribs, brisket, sausages, coleslaw, potato salad – but the coolest trucks always put a spin on tradition.

When planning our backyard BBQ we wanted to make it a little different than usual so we used the South as our inspiration and then made a menu that included most of the traditional items like ribs, sausages and potato salad but then added some fun additions like Queso (for a Tex Mex vibe) and burgers.  Because to me, a BBQ is not official without some good old fashioned burgers.


We headed to Sobeys and grabbed some of their Canadian Chuck Burgers because not only are they prepared fresh in-store every day, but because they’re delicious!  Made with 100% Canadian AAA beef, the Canadian Chuck Burgers are created with our tastes in mind without added hormones or antibiotics.



I’m a toppings girl so when Sobeys sent over a bunch of custom burger topping recipes I couldn’t help myself but make them all.



The Chipotle ColeSlaw was my fave but the No Limits Bacon Burger Topper and the Sweet Pickle Relish were delicious too!






If you’re grilling this weekend pop over to Sobeys for their delish burgers!




Photos by Fancy


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