Wedding Wednesday: Ten Wedding Cake Designs

Need some inspiration for your wedding cake? We are in love with these beautiful cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. From modern designs to metallic accents and romantic flowers these cakes are sure to inspire you!

1. Nude wedding cakes are so simple yet beautiful. As the interior of the cake is showcased, it is not your traditional cake but makes for a more modern alternative.

nude wedding cake
Find this cake HERE.

2. Simple and sophisticated, the dainty floral accent adds the perfect touch to this wedding cake. It is crisp and clean for the simple bride making it the ideal cake all year round no matter the season.

simple cake 6.
Find this cake HERE.

3. Love flowers? Why not add them to your wedding cake. Check out the unique bouquet like floral details on this trendy chic floral wedding cake. This cake radiates elegance.

floral cake 4
Find this cake HERE.

4. This ultra-chic modern wedding cake has four unique tiers in metallic silver and white which offers a classic sense of elegance, as well as various sugar flowers which add a nice touch of bling. This cake is sure to give your wedding a luxurious, upscale feel.

modern tiered cake
Find this cake HERE.

5. With the right hint of gold this cake is a masterpiece and exudes sophistication, romance and elegance! If majestic and grand is your style then this is the cake for you with its accented gold presence!

gold wedding cake
Find this cake HERE.

6. Classic, yet show stopping with a tier of sequin. This wedding cake will wow guests leaving a lasting impression!

style me pretty sequence cake 4
Find this cake HERE.

7. Dare to be different? Impress your guests with this elegant sugar swirled cake. What makes this one a wedding cake game changer is pairing it with a wooden base. It is so classic, yet so chic.

different cake 7.
Find this cake HERE.

8. The variation of squares and rectangles make this wedding cake so bold yet beautiful with the simple touch of florals.

box cake 8
Find this cake HERE.

9. This cake is pretty in pink. For the girly girl it would be perfect for the feminine, princess-like bride.

pink 9
Find this cake HERE.

10. Sometimes you need a little pop of colour. With fall soon approaching, a subtle purple will make for the perfect pop. Possibly a match to your brides maids dresses?

Find this cake HERE.

Check out these beautiful wedding cakes! Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite.

Felicia xo


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