Charged Up


Time flies and really waits for no one. My life has been going so extremely fast that I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t taken a vacation in over year and a half. You see, I’ve been extremely busy, contributing to building a startup business and focusing on achieving success and working hard at it (and loving it), I sort of put the idea of self-care Catriona spoke about on this very blog on the side until her and I had a convo recently where I admitted to her that I was exhausted. Exhausted, out of fresh ideas and that I needed to basically “charge up” to keep pushing ahead. With her encouragement and that of my mother, I decided to take a much needed break. If you’re feeling like you too are in need of a break, here are a few tips that may help you put together a “Charged Up” plan:

1. Go Away

For me, it was going away on a vacation solo to Europe. For some, it may be a yoga retreat with friends. You don’t need to go far nor do you need to go solo but if possible, leave the city, see something else, do something different.

2. Visit or Re-Visit a Fave City

I hadn’t been to Paris in over 3 years. I knew that I wanted to spend a couple days experiencing the beauty that is Paris but I also wanted to see the beach.
I had been to the South of France a few times so I decided that I’d combine both for the ultimate break.


3. See Friends

I haven’t been the most social over the past year so part of my “charged up” plan included reconnecting with friends while in Paris which was awesome. Nothing beats catching up and spending quality times with friends.

4. Make New Friends

I travel alone most of the time and that is ideal for meeting new people, learning new things and sharing new experiences. In Paris, I finally met a Parisian online friend after 5 years of following each other on social media. In Cassis, I made friends at the beach and had a wonderful day learning about French culture & the region the girls were from. In Marseille I met a group of Latinas who took me out the next night dancing. On another day, while having lunch solo, I ended up having cocktails with a group of Lebanese living in Africa who were on vacation in the South of France like me.  Finally, a friend of mine in Toronto noticed that I was in Marseille and arranged for me to meet and have dinner with her wonderful family on my last night in that city. Connecting with people has and always will be my fave thing to do. Besides, you sort of never know who you’re going to meet, be open to those experiences and put yourself out there, even if it’s difficult, amazing encounters await…

5. Gratitude

This is a huge one for me on a every day basis but especially as part of my charged up plan. Instead of focusing on the short amount of time I was away, I focused on how happy I was that I got to go away. Never take for granted the opportunities that you have been afforded as some will never get to see or do what you’re doing.

6. No Guilt / Living in the moment

I’m always very much available and connected. As part of my charged up plan, I made a conscious effort to just be. If I wanted to sleep in, I did. If I wanted to eat that French yummy baguette bread, I did too. Whatever made me happy at that very moment, I did.

7. Let go of your routine

Was stuck between two time zones for the entire time I was there and couldn’t wake up to go running. By the time I’d wake up, it was too hot to run. I made peace with that and instead, walked everywhere to re-discover the cities I was in.


8. Work, only if you must

If you work for a small company or the owner of one, you’ll probably have to put in a bit a work and that’s more than ok. What worked for me was to FaceTime with our intern in the am or send her a list of things that needed to be done and then go on with my day. That gave me peace of mind.

9. Make a list of ideas that inspires you

No word of a lie, I started thinking of a few new fresh ideas, I felt inspired again. Perhaps it was because I was out of my environment and experiencing different things. I made a list so I wouldn’t forget any of it.

10. Have fun

Ultimately, have fun. Whatever your version of fun might be. Just do it.

Are you feeling like you need to charge up? What’s your plan?





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