Travel Tuesday: Can I Move To Turks & Caicos?


Every girl dreams of their wedding day and in my circle of friends, we all share in each other’s dreams. My best friend since grade 9 got engaged earlier this year and a few weeks ago I, along with some of my closest girlfriends and her family got to see her marry the man of her dreams on the island of Turks and Caicos.

Never having been to a destination wedding, I was excited because a) I knew this wedding would be nothing short of beautiful and b) Turks and Caicos from what I had heard was incredible; my best friend was getting married in paradise and I was so excited to be a part of it all.


The bride and groom hosted a few dinners before and after the wedding to get their guests acquainted with one another. The rest of the week was for the guests to enjoy the beautiful island and enjoy we did! It was plus thirty degrees everyday, endless blue skies and water that was infinitely beautiful.

turks and caicos


Having heard so much about Turks and Caicos, I was excited to explore and learn about the island that many have on their bucket list as a place to visit.

turks and caicos

Below are my top 5 things I loved about Turks and Caicos:


  1. As many places in the world are, Turks and Caicos, Providenciales, specifically, Provo as it is known, is not completely westernized. A girlfriend of mine wanted Starbucks and unfortunately for her but fortunate for me, there were none to be found where we were staying at Grace Bay. I loved and appreciated how local the shops and restaurants were and how ‘unamericanized’ things were.
  2. Speaking of restaurants, conch, a tropical marine mollusc is extremely popular, a staple on many menus and something I have never had. I hesitantly tried it for the first time at a beach side restaurant where the server told me that Turks and Caicos has the only conch farm in the world. The conch farm supplies conch to the islands and export this delish shellfish to the rest of the world.
  3. The beaches. Our hotel was located in the area of grace bay whose beaches I could only describe as paradise. I learned that these beaches have been ranked the best beaches by Conde’ Nast magazine and have won awards for consecutive years.
  4. Another reason as to why I loved these beaches was because they were not packed as many beaches I have visited are. Turks and Caicos in general is expensive to visit because they do not offer very many all-inclusive’s and this deters a lot of ‘party seekers’. The beaches did of course have many visitors but it was so peaceful. I wanted to relax and unwind and I was able to. Provo isn’t a party place per se and because of this, I learned to vacation differently.
  5. Lastly, the people native to Provo were so extremely kind and welcoming. I have traveled quite a bit and I have never felt so at home and so welcomed to a place I had never been. People were so quick to help and also to mention, so laid back! On our second last night we took a catamaran out during the day. The gentleman driving it told us that people of Provo were very simple and I learned this to be extremely true.


I felt tremendously lucky to be a part of m best friends big day and to experience a destination wedding where I was literally able to just do nothing. It felt incredible.

Have you ever visited Turks and Caicos and what did you love most about it?
Drop us a comment and let us know!

turks and caicos


-Karen Michelle//.



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