Thursday Thought: A New Beginning



Many, including myself wait for New Years Eve to set lingering goals and look to midnight as the moment where we can shed our pasts and re-start our new year with promise. I remember a conversation I was having with my girlfriends a couple of summers ago, right around this time of the year. I was expressing my sadness that summer was coming to an end; summer is my favourite season (the sun comes out early and is so delightfully warm, I get to wear dresses and everyone’s spirits are a little higher) I was not ready to let it go. My girlfriend Amanda, who loves summer as much as I do, changed the tempo of the conversation when she mentioned that she was excited for fall. For her, fall was the time of year where she felt she could re-start.


It’s that time of year again now, or at least feels like it with this 18-degree weather, and I am again thinking about that conversation. Amanda’s sentiment struck a chord with me and with September quickly approaching, I am beginning to feel what she expressed. With the weather rapidly changing and the summer heat leaving us, the fall feels like the perfect time to re-start. The changing of seasons is a renewal of life, both in shedding the old and preparing for the new and most people welcome the change. The crisp air, a new school year and the changing of seasons makes us feel like we have a second chance.


So instead of waiting for December 31st when it is expected that we make resolutions, maybe we can think about our new beginnings now. A new season and a new opportunity to renew our goals, ambitions and set our re-start button.

Does fall make you feel this way?

Leave us a comment and let us know.


-karen michelle//.


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