Cadillac: Concours D’elegance at Cobble Beach

Billy bishop

I don’t know too many people whose Sunday begins with an escorted walk to a airport tarmac where they are guided to a small water plane and flown to attend a special sartorial event hosted by one the most luxurious car companies. This is how my Sunday morning started. We were invited to attend Cadillac’s Concours D’elegance at Cobble Beach and as a lover of all things fashion and cars, I was more than happy to attend on our behalf. I, along with 8 other very stylish bloggers were welcomed by a gracious pilot who once aboard asked for a co-pilot and I of course jumped at the opportunity.

dare greatly- plane

We began flying into grey skies that morning and 20 minutes later I was asked if I wanted to fly the plane. I was nervous, of course, but said yes anyway. What an experience! To dare greatly is more than just a saying; it is a state of mind and a way of experiencing life in ways that pushes boundaries like Cadillac has done for so many years.

Teal Cadillac


Upon arrival at Cobble Beach we were walked through a pristine country club where the most exquisite and hand crafted cars were displayed from as early as the 1920’s. The Concours D’elegance was exactly that; the evolution of style and elegance in Cadillac from past to present.

Don Malone

After a very delicious lunch, we were invited to watch a parade and award ceremony that was conducted in true Cadillac fashion. I was able to speak to a man named Don Malone who educated me further on Cadillac and its history. I told him that I had participated in the Cadillac drivers academy a few months back where my love of driving was altered by the Cadillac experience.

Driving Cadillac

I would again have the opportunity to drive on this day and in my heart I was hoping to drive a manual car. Having shared this sentiment with Don, I was ecstatic when I was told I would have the opportunity to once again dare greatly in a Cadillac ATS-V. Don made my wish a reality.

To say that I had an incredible day would be an understatement. Time and time again, with Cadillac I have been given the opportunity to cross boundaries and explore my love of cars further. Can’t wait for the next adventure!


-karen michelle//.


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