Java Java Java- 5 Fave Coffee Shops in Our Hood

five-fave-coffee spots, toronto

I like coffee, I LOVE coffee and every morning a cup of joe is part of my ritual; it kick starts my day, literally.  After cutting out dairy a year ago, I love that so many places offer the alternatives of almond milk, soy or even lactose free.

Toronto has been booming lately with amazing coffee shops and we’re fortunate to have many of them steps away from our office. It was hard for us to choose but we’ve picked the top 5 coffee shops in our area that you should definitely visit.

1. Jimmy’s Coffee




Jimmy’s is a local favourite and appeals to the working crowd that needs their caffeine fix; they open at 7 am. The Portland location has been open since 2009 and continues to be super popular.

2. Early Bird




Early Bird is also a few steps away from the office located on Queen, east of Bathurst. This is a one stop shop with delicious coffee and sweet treats plus the staff is super friendly and often add a cute design to your latte or misto.  I’ll never forget being happily surprised on one particularly crappy day when the barista topped my almond milk americano misto off with the sweetest heart design.  #ItsTheSmallThings


3. Little Nicky’s




For those who can’t do dairy, fret not- Little Nicky’s got it; they have lactose free milk! Not only that, they offer cookies that they make fresh daily as well as their popular donuts that they usually sell out of before 10 am! This spot is a favourite for many in the Queen West area.


4. Portland Variety




Another recent favourite of ours is Portland Variety. This super cool and trendy spot opened last year. Whether you want to stay in, or take your coffee to go- they will meet all your caffeine needs. If you need a sweet treat, they have the most delicious fresh baked goods – the cookies are to die for!  Plus their sandwiches and breakfast burritos are perfect to grab and go.


5. Colette Petit Café




The sweet thing  (pun intended :), about Colette Petit Café -at Your Majesty’s Pleasure located on King- is that you can have your latte while getting your nails done. If you don’t have time, you can always take your latte to go in the prettiest take out cups with their new pumpkin macaroon.

Have you been to any of these coffee shops? Which one is your favourite?  Do you have one you might want to suggest to us?  We love a good reco.

Leave us a comment and let us know.


-karen michelle//.