Creating The Life You Want to Live: Jasmine Carriere

A true romantic at heart, I am hopelessly in love with love. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a woman who loves love just as much as I do and more and is able to curate every girls (and boys) special day.

Today’s Creating The Life You Want To Live goes to Jasmine Carriere; a Toronto based wedding planner who moved from the small town of Owen Sound to Toronto to follow her heart



  1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I grew up in Owen Sound Ontario (Hick Hockey Town as it’s called) and I now live in Toronto

  1. Did you go to College, University, or the School of Hard Knocks?

    I went to Hillsong College in Australia and George Brown College here unnamed-3
  2. What is All That Jaz?

    All that Jaz
    is a wedding planning company that is meant to bring back what a wedding is about- Love. Bringing back simplicity and curating unions; All That Jazz- the play on my name is simple and speaks to who I am and what I believe in.
  3. Tell us a little about your career path? How did you turn your passion into All That Jaz?

    The first time I ever encountered a wedding was when I was 11 and my grandmother bought me a wedding magazine as a joke; I still today have that magazine. I was the families little event planner because I was always walking around with a clipboard and glasses. In high school I started planning events and then started planning district school events.When I went to hillsong, we worked alongside conference planners who planned for 30 000 people. It was then that I learned how to run a conference; it was very competitive.I started to streamline into events because people would ask me to help them and loving events so much, I did.I then worked at a bridal shop for fun and before I knew it, I was hired as a junior designer because I could draw. From drawing, I moved into planning weddings. From there, I started working for the meat and wine company and became a coordinator.I wanted to really get into wedding planning so I started attending trade shows and tagged along with all my friends who were in the industry.
    After I got engaged I knew for sure that this is what I wanted to do. I used my wedding as a test to myself to know if I could do it or not. After I knew I could do it, I applied to George Brown where I learned a whole lot more. It was a challenging program and most people left either loving event planning or not- I loved it so much. I love to know that I could help people enjoy their special day and not worry.
  4. What are some challenges of being a small business owner in such a competitive field?

    I think my field is very catty and can be seen as an easy job; a lot of people say they are wedding planners and are not qualified. It took me 5 years of studying and working and sometimes, people think that studying Pinterest qualifies them to be a wedding planner. This is challenging because I sometimes feel like people don’t understand the value of a wedding planner.It’s also hard not being well known or recognized and I put myself into this company so much that all I want is for my work to represent me. unnamed-2
  5. What inspires you?

    Nature.  Having grown up in such a small town, and having lived in Australia and being able to drive to the beach, to travel so often in such beautiful places inspires me. When I was young in Italy I was in awe by everything. Even leaving the city is refreshing and I often visit my home town and it is there that my ideas come to life.I also really love Australia. Australian culture is very care free- there is a saying in Australia, “work to holiday” whereas in North America it is “work to survive”. Australia inspires me because it is there that creativity is able to flow because they have such a laid back mentality; it’s a different culture. Oh, and Coffee inspires me also.

  6. What are you most proud of?Leaving a small town that is very small minded for sure. My first move was to a country where I knew no one, a big jump into the unknown. I am so grateful though that I took the chance. If I stayed in the familiar, I would still be in Owen Sound.I am so proud of getting All That Jazz out there. It is very personal. Also, to be a woman in business who is trying to create more than a job that makes money, is what I work for; I want to leave a legacy. I want to collaborate with other women and wedding planners and make the most of everyones potential.
  7. What advice would you give someone who is interested in following their dreams and taking the leap to starting a small business of their own?

    Find a good accountant and be educated on contracts and the legal side of your business. In the long run it will bite you if you’re not covered. Do your homework. Be patient and go! unnamed-5
  8. What are some of your favourite things about being a wedding planner?

    I love hearing a couples story.  Their story contributes to the day that I get to plan.I love that I get to be creative daily. This job requires me to always be thinking a step ahead and it challenges me in this way.  I love weddings and I cry at almost every wedding and it means so much to me to see a bride and husband happy. I love adding small details to make a couples day special.I also have a type A personality.  I love spreadsheets and charts and diagrams. It fuels me and I like to see things organized and labeled. Another added bonus is tasting the foods and seeing so many beautiful flowers so often. I love it all.
  9. Totally but not so totally unrelated- What is some advice you’d give to couples?
    Have a date night. I often leave my phone at home and would recommend the same to other couples. Get to know your partner and be intentional about making time for your relationship.


Thanks Jasmine!

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