I Am Thankful For…

A while back we wrote a post about fall (see here) and the second chance it gives us. Fitting for the occasion (Thanksgiving), we are given a chance to give mention to the things we are thankful and here at Coco & Cowe we’d like to share what we are thankful for with you.



Martina: I am thankful for a lot of things in life, but my most precious blessing has been my son. I am super thankful he is a part of my life. Daily he keeps me on my toes, challenges me, makes me laugh, makes me smile. He is my biggest fan! I would say I’m his biggest fan too! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Winy: Although I was born in this country, Thanksgiving was never a holiday celebrated in my house. Nevertheless, today and every day of the year, I am thankful for love. I’m thankful for each and every person that accepts me and loves me for me.


Karen Michelle: Being an only child, I was never without love or affection and coming from a very large family- there was no shortage of it. My family means the world to me and I am forever and always thankful for them. The love, compassion, strength and honesty they teach me is more than they know and I cannot thank them enough for all that they’ve done and continue to do for me. Thankful and grateful for the amazing family I have.

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Catriona: I have been going through a bunch of transitions both in my business and my personal life and it’s times like these that you appreciate the people who surround you and support you the most.  I am so grateful for my ‘crew’ AKA my family and friends for being there for me to listen to me when I want to talk and for just sitting quietly with me understanding when I do not.  For my little team who continue to inspire me to push my boundaries and create better and bigger things, for believing in my leadership and trusting and supporting my vision.  And finally I am beyond thankful for my little ray of magical sunshine, Harlowe.  As tough as the two’s have been, it is through her that I have been re-introduced to patience and understanding – virtues that I now cannot imagine living without.  There is nothing more beautiful than her smile, no sound more sensational than her little laugh.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.  We’re also very thankful for all of you readers for clicking on C&C daily and supporting us for all of these years!


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