Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids – The Musicians

the weeknd

We love a theme so it’s obvious that we love Halloween! Over the years we’ve put together a few cool costumes but since having a kid I can’t help but put most (if not all) of my focus on what H is going to be. Though I’ve had my challenges dressing my little lady for Halloween, I just can’t give up.  Luckily my friends and I share the same interests and sense of humor so when putting together this post they were so in and we actually had a ton of fun.


This year we went for a musician theme. Michele came up with the perfect idea of dressing Siena as one of our favorite current artists, The Weeknd.

the weeknd

With a few adjustments to a dreadlock wig, a pair of sick J’s and an all black and denim ‘fit, Siena was good to go as our version of the mini moody crooner.


Next up our love for the late nineties was brought to life with a tribute to our fave RnB singer of the time, Aaliyah rocked by little Noëlle


Nods to her signature style were brought to life by her Mum, Annalie, with a miniature Tommy Hilfiger T and boxers. The baggy jeans, bomber, Timbs and side swept bangs completed this incredibly cute costume that we collectively died for.




And finally, H. Though she loves to dress up in hats and cowboy boots on a regular Monday, that is all of her picking. Getting her to wear something that I want is a whole different animal so though this costume was meant to be a bit more accurate with a wig and a few more touches, we came to a compromise and she pulled off a pretty good version of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson

To achieve our mini Michael we simply pulled together a pair of aviators, a black fedora, a sparkly glove, faux leather pants and moto jacket.


What are you and/or your kids dressing up as? We love hearing your ideas! Leave us a comment and let us know.






photos by Fancy


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  1. oh my goodness….they are all so adorable.! I love all of these costumes. I haven’t decided what i’m dressing up my little guy as yet, i’m leaning towards some super hero. time to get on it!

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