Amex Made My Stevie Wonder Dreams Come True….

stevie wonder

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter, Periscope or SnapChat (my goodness there’s a lot of handles to handle!) you’ll know I not only went to the Stevie Wonder concert two weeks ago but that I DIED AND WENT TO STEVIE WONDER HEAVEN!!!


To say I’m slightly obsessed would be an understatement.  I went on and on about it HERE, so I won’t bore you again but needless to say, Stevie is like my second Dad.  From cradle to today, his music has raised me, getting me through tough times and celebrating with me in the best of them.  Getting to see him live and in concert is an experience second to none, and one I will never forget.

stevie wonder in toronto

The place was packed to the rafters for this 65 years young performer who made most of his hits in and around the mid seventies – proof that the music that he created is absolutely timeless.  I was thrilled to get tickets to see Stevie, one of the only musicians out there who continues to blend the ages and generations and I only have my Amex to thank for that.


Yes, it was Amex’s Front Of The Line that helped me snag my perfect seats at the ACC with a vantage point to see the whole stage and the almost three dozen backup performers and musicians -who were incredible by the way.He played all of the hits off of Songs In The Key Of Life and had me crying with him as he sang John Lennon’s Imagine, in tribute to him as it was the anniversary of his death.


But for sure, the best part had to be the end.  Wonder had hit the ACC curfew but the crowd was jamming right along with him and he didn’t want the party to end.  He yelled out that he’s taking the fine and kept the party going in overtime for another fifteen minutes.


This year, American Express will help unlock half a million memorable moments for Canadians and I’m so happy to say this was one of them.  It was a bucket list wish to see Stevie Wonder live in concert and Front Of The Line got me there in style.  Learn more about  how you can create your own magical memories HERE.




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