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We are always on the yellow brick road working towards greatness and what better way than with exercising. The benefits as some of you may know are exponential, which is why we would like to introduce our Motivation Mondays- a series that will happen once a month where we visit and collaborate with different gyms and classes alike and push ourselves on the day that some dread that most. “If you do good, you feel good” and while motivating ourselves, we hope to, in turn, motivate you. Motivation for your Mondays; more than an Instagram quote 😉 – lets get it!


Have any gyms or classes you think we should check out? Let us know!
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8 thoughts on “Motivation Mondays

  1. Hi,

    Some great classes and programs are offered through Fitchicks.com. Both in class, online, tutorial, seminar and even weekend getaways!

    Definitely something to check out!


  2. Strive Life! It’s a community based athletic training movement.
    You find yourself training in a non-competitive setting where are always encouraged to pursue your best. Martin Reader and Ryan Caicco are the two awesome gents who run the show, and I have to say they are phenomenal motivators.

    The work outs are scalable to any level AND they are always intense and challenging. You will feel like coming back for more! Bring a towel for your first session because you will definitely be sweating buckets by the end of it 🙂 Check out their insta #lifeathlete #strivelife #sweatlife #jointhemovement


  3. Fenom!!! It’s an early start (630am) but an amazing way to kick off your day! Plus -lead by yours truly xo

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