Here’s To The JourneyMakers


You could say I’m wanderlust.  There’s no place I’d rather be than somewhere else, exploring, learning and seeing new culture.  I live for the new and have an insatiable appetite for what’s next.

Part of the reason I love to travel so much is because of the amazing Journeymakers I’ve met along the way.  I travel quite a bit and those extra travel perks that my Amex gives me makes travel just a little bit sweeter. That’s why Amex is my personal Journeymaker.

When I heard that American Express was celebrating 100 years of travel this year, I couldn’t help but think back of all my travel adventures and the perks I have had the pleasure experiencing over the last few years as an Amex Platinum Cardmember.   From breezing through the security line at Toronto Pearson International Airport, to attending some of the best events only Amex Cardmembers have access to, like the time I travelled to London for Fashion Week. I didn’t even know until I booked that trip that as a Platinum Cardmember I had access to an array of shows during London Fashion Week. How cool is that?!

amex london

When I travel, I find the best way to get advice on where to go isn’t always where you’d think. Yes, Google has led me astray.  BUT every time I get advice from my Amex Concierge, it’s bang on.  From Thailand to Italy, they haven’t let me down. I think it’s safe to say that Amex is my Journeymaker time and time again.

Like this spot in New York, Chloe’s.  I was alone in the city and really wanted to be healthy but also enjoy a meal in a cool spot.  My Amex Concierge sent me to Chloe’s and my mind was blown.  It’s like my Amex concierge knew what I wanted before I did!


If you want to create your own travel memories and have access to Amex’s travel offerings and perks (lots of perks) check out for more details!